What happens During a Fasting  Cure

The intestinal function and health is regulated during a fasting cure cycle.  

It is known, that digestion is very much cohesive with our overall health. If the intestines are cleansed and purged on regular basis, i.e. by a fasting cure cycle, not only does it

  • reduce our sense of being unwell and
  • increase your wellbeing and performance
  • but a frequent fasting cure cycle also helps with chronic ailments such as heart and cardiovascular disease.
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  • High blood pressure
  • Elevated blood lipids, especially cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Constipation , bloating,  diarrhoea
  • veracious veins
  • stomach- intestinal diseases
  • Liver- and gall bladder infections
  • Immune deficiency
  • Migraines
  • Allergies
  • Skin disorders
  • Asthma
  • Rheumatism, gout,
  • Problems with supporting elements of the body such as knee joints feet, vertebral discs
  • Psycho-vegetative fatigue
  • And it is overweight preventative, soothing and perhaps healing as well.

A fasting cure cycle is a natural form of human life. Fasting is not starving.  

  • During a fasting cure cycle the body converts to derive nutrients from within its own nutritional depots.
  • First the carbohydrate reserves, which are depleted quickly, are utilised for energy.
  • Thereafter the fatty depots are targeted but this process takes time.
  • At the same time, protein storages within the tissue are mobilised for energy on a
    short-term basis, until the protein break down and is reduced to a minimum.
  • Now fat reduction takes priority and fat becomes the main supplier.
  • These internal reserves are easily utilised as fuel which can only be derived after the energy depleting digestion of food.
  • The fasting cure metabolism mobilises power and performance in an energy conserving manner and activates the self-healing powers.
  • These processes serve the purpose of internal cleansing for all organs, including the
  • Due to these changes in hormones, conditions such as, increased desire for rest, exuberance, happiness, euphoria, increased awareness and creativity may occur. You should enjoy and utilise these phases. Perhaps you will re-discover yourself on a new level. 
  • Weight reduction will be more apparent during the first two days than on the following days, because essentially the tissue will be dehydrated first. Thereafter reduction levels are a few 100g a day.
  • Don’t get spooked if you discover a sticky, furry residue coating your tongue. It is
    not only an unattractive shade, but also causes bad breath.  That is quite normal and
    it is a sign of cleansing. Seek relief by scrapping the residue off and use a home remedy. Chewing on some dill seed or anise seed or fresh basil leaves will eliminate the odour.
    You may also gargle with elderberry tea.
  • Similar to your mouth, your largest organ, the skin also requires extensive care during a fasting cure because it is subject to elimination processes as well.
  • Old ailment or problems frequently re-occur during the fasting cure cycle. This will
    subside after thoroughly cleansing and the regeneration process of the respective
    organs has occurred.
  • A fasting cure cycle is not only a health-, but a psychological challenge as well!
  • You will have to fight of so called Fasting stagnations and Fasting crisis.
  • Don’t get discouraged, conquer your sluggishness and continue fasting!
    Each resisted temptation increases your strength and brings you closer to your goal of internal cleansing. You will be rewarded with a proud and exhilarating feeling
    of cleanliness in the end.

Tip: Discuss your intent to fast with your physician or natural health professional prior to begin of a fasting cure cycle and have him/her conduct a thorough examination. Some healthy individuals suffer from an elevated uric acid level, borderline magnesium- and potassium level, elevated cholesterol values, blood sugar values and high blood pressure.
You cannot fast if you have the following conditions: Pregnancy and nursing, regular required and prescribed medication intake, ulcers, cancer, after a bone fractures or surgery, in the event of increasing bodily deterioration.  

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