Fasting and a Fasting Cure with a Fasting cure cycle Maintains Health

"Those who want to remain healthy, should exercise the body, breath clean air and heal their ailments with fasting rather than medication!“ Even Hippocrates (460-370 BC) was familiar with the cleansing and renewing power of fasting.

If the intestines are cleaned and purged on regular basis i.e. by a healthy fasting cure cycle, it doesn’t only reduce state of mind deficiencies and increase our wellbeing. Regular fasting is also a preventive, soothing and sometimes healing measure for chronic ailments such as heart-and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, allergies, asthma, and rheumatism.

This page contains detailed and exact daily instructions for a classic tea-fasting cure.

This glossary will explain everything you need to know about Fasting and a fasting cure cycle from A-Z
It will tell you:

  • what happens to your body during healthy fasting and a fasting cure cycle
  • what you should pay attention to during healthy fasting
  • what you should avoid during a fasting cure cycle to ensure healthy fasting
  • what type of health benefits a fasting cure or other fasting cure cycle can provide
  • and how you can ensure nutritional heating habits following the fasting cure cycle
  • Differences and  effects of diverse fasting cures

Fasting is a natural form of the human life and an ancient  tradition.

During fasting the body derives its nutrition from its internal nutritional storage.

These reserves can be derived much easier than the strength gained after an energy depriving digestion cycle of nutrients. During fasting, the metabolism mobilises power and performance in an energy conserving manner and activates the internal self-healing powers. This is how the term fasting cure has been defined.

Adhere to the following basic rules during fasting:

  • Eating is out , drinking is in; depending you your choice of fasting, drink tea, juices, vegetable broth water, or slimy substances
  • Do not indulge in  poisons of pleasure ; avoid nicotine, alcohol, coffee, sweets and similar items
  • Take a break ; swear off daily responsibilities and pressures, let your internal relaxation mode take over.  
  • Natural is the key ; give your body what it wants rest or be physically active, just follow your internal desires.
  • Fibre must be eliminated ; support you colon cleansing by drinking fluids, an enema, colon-hydro-therapy or a house remedy.

The health benefits of fasting primarily consist of:  

  • Dehydration and purification of the colon, tissues and joints fasting increases
  • The heart and cardiovascular system are relieved; breathing becomes easier the lungs take in more oxygen, which in turn is transported to the tissue at a faster rate.
  • The body’s supporting elements such as, feet, knee joints and intervertebral discs are relieved by fasting.
  • The skin and tissue is revitalised by fasting.
  • Internal de-greasing may lower cholesterol levels.
  • Last but not least; fasting also has a great side effect: Your scale is being much nicer to you again!

A fasting cure cycle is not only a physical-, but a psychological challenge as well!  
During fasting you will have to fight so-called fasting stagnation and fasting crisis. 
Don’t get discouraged, conquer your sluggishness and continue fasting!

Each resisted temptation increases your strength and brings you closer to your goal of internal cleansing. You will be rewarded with a proud and exhilarating feeling of cleanliness in the end.

Even if you don’t believe it; fasting or a fasting cure cycle is easier than to eat less! Because a fasting cure cycle is not a diet plan.

The team wishes you great success with you fasting cures cycle and hope you will feel better!

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