The First Build Up Day

Today – on the first build up day – you will slowly begin with food ingestion again.
Read the rules for Build up days.

Today’s meal plan:

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2. fastingday 1. build up day
3. fastingday 2. build up day
4. fastingday 3. build up day
5. fastingday 4. build up day
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  • Eat a fresh ripe apple for breakfast today and chew it thoroughly. Drink tea of your
    choice (herbal- or fruit tea), a minimum of two to three large cups.
  • Eat a natural yogurt mixed with one Tbs flaxseed for lunch and drink your 3 cups of tea.
    Drink fluids in between as well.
  • Drink two to three cups of herbal tea in the evening and you may eat a bowl of vegetable soup prior to 6:00 PM. Otherwise your sleeping cycle may be interrupted due to the beginning digestion cycle. Please do not use instant soup or similar to prepare the vegetable soup; prepare it from scratch.

Recipe for vegetable soup:

  • Peel and dice a potato, a carrot, small leek, a small piece of celery and sauté for 15 min. puree everything, add ½ Tbs powdered yeast, fresh or dried herbs such as oregano, parsley, marjoram and maybe some nutmeg, and enjoy calmly and thoughtfully.
    What else to pay attention to on the first build up day:
    You will implement your daily exercise program today, just like on previous days, however, avoid excessive physical strain as well as sauna or tub soaks because those activities are still to strenuous for the body.
  • Rest after meals.

Fasting Instructions

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