The Fourth Build Up Day

Today, on the fourth build up day you will conclude you cure cycle. You feel strong, cleansed and slim. Hang on to your good intentions of the previous days. Stay strong and disciplined and don’t let other clueless and inexperienced people distract you.

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Report your experiences regarding how great you feel and how fit you now are, proudly. Eliminate all nutritional sins from your shopping list and resist all temptations at the grocery store. Your taste buds have regenerated and are more sensitive to natural taste without artificial flavour enhancers and similar industrial aids. Perform deep breathing exercises in front of an open window upon rising, practice dry brush massaging and wash off with cold water or conclude your shower with cold water.

Today’s meal plan:

  • Begin your breakfast with a yogurt-granola mix, add ½ diced apple. Afterwards eat two
    slices of crisp bread with butter and honey.
  • Eat natural rice with steamed vegetables, i.e cauliflower or broccoli and an onion or scallions
    for lunch
    . Steam the vegetables (250 g) in a little water, season with fresh finely chopped herbs. Add (four Tbs) of pumpkin seed- or sunflower oil to the natural rice. Toss vegetables with rice.
  • Prepare a low fat cottage cheese dish with lemon and honey for a snack.  A dash of carbonated mineral water will provide the creamy consistency of  whole cottage cheese.  
  • Your dinner will consist of two slices whole grain bread, topped with vegetable based margarine and low fat cottage cheese and layered with slices of cucumber, radishes, onions or tomato garnished with fresh parsley or chives.

What else to pay attention to on the fourth build up day:

  • Continue drinking two to three litres per day. If the breaks between meals are too long, eat fresh fruit or vegetables instead of power bars. Each additional treat from the time before your “journey” will affect your personal success and the sustainability of your
    new found zest for life.
  • Moving forward, eat wholesome nutritional foods and integrate physical activity in your daily routine.
  • Trust your strengthened and regenerated self-healing powers.
  • In the event you don’t feel well or experience other problems; utilise the experience
    of age old home remedies.
  • Obtain subject related literature and explore the literature list, we have composed for
  • Perhaps you no longer crave nicotine or alcohol, in that case don’t even try it again.
  • If you have kept a diary, place it in a location where it remains visible and grabs your attention frequently. Also display the items you have created within the scope of creative relaxation. Every visitor will be interested, query its origin and will probably show you recognition and compliment your success.

The team wishes you great success.
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