The Second Build Up Day

Your body is still trying to covert today. Eat slowly, chew thoroughly, drink a lot and rest after meal times.

Today’s meal plan:

1. fastingday relief day
2. fastingday 1. build up day
3. fastingday 2. build up day
4. fastingday 3. build up day
5. fastingday 4. build up day
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  • Eat 1 slice of crisp bread with a thin spread of low fat cottage cheese drizzled with a little honey for breakfast.
  • Prepare a small raw salad, using one tomato, carrot, pieces of celery, a little salt free sauerkraut. Season with herbs such as parsley, chives and chervil for lunch .  If you are working, it is best to take the ingredients to work and prepare the salad fresh.
  • Eat 1 slice of crisp bread with a thin spread of home made low fat herbal cottage cheese with parsley, chives and ground paprika in the evening .
  • In between, drink natural fruit juices or herbal tea.

What else to pay attention to today:

  • Observe the changes in your organism.
  • You may experience a slight drop in performance ability, this occurs due to the unusual digestion process. 
  • You may also experience a sense of not feeling well. It is normal during these days. Consider balanced nutrition and a healthy life style after your fasting cure cycle and
    those old ailments will subside. Perhaps you may even be able to convince your family to participate. By implementing reasonable and healthy nutrition, you can avoid a rapid weight gain, exceeding your desired weight.
  • Exercise based on what your body is capable of; avoid extensive parties up to the early morning hours. 
  • Do not worry about a non-occurring bowel movement.

Fasting Instructions

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