The Third Build Up Day

Today is the third build up day – although you may eat substantially more today, avoid to overextend your stomach by eating too much or too fast. Eat everything slowly and thoughtfully and prior to 6:00 PM if possible.

Today’s meal plan:

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  • Begin your breakfast with a yogurt-granola mix. Mix a cup of natural yogurt with approximately three to four Tbs of ready-made granola and add a few pieces of
    soaked dry fruit. Soak the fruit the night before.   .
  • Eat a piece of fruit for your second breakfast.  
  • Your lunch should consist of two slices whole grain bread topped with homemade herbal cottage cheese and one to two pieces of fruit.
  • Your dinner will be a raw salad with carrot, cucumber tomato or other seasonable
    products and a little unsalted sauerkraut. Prepare a dressing from a little fat free yogurt with fresh herbs or one part sherry-vinegar or balsamic vinegar and two parts of
    thistle-or pumpkin seed oil and of course fresh finely chopped herbs.
  • Make sure you ingest enough liquids. It is best to assemble your rations for the day
    before you go to work.

What else to pay attention to on the third build up day:

  • The first natural bowel movement should occur today. If necessary, induce it with a
    glass of buttermilk or tepid water prior to breakfast. A  hom remedy in this case is  sloes blooms or leaves. Boil approx. two Tbs in ¼ litre water and strain. Approximately 2 cups will give you the desired results.  In addition, mixing a little flaxseed with your food will also promote intestinal activity. Avoid laxatives, because they will make your intestines even more sluggish in the long run.
    There are no limitations on your activities now.
  • You may also visit the sauna again.  
  • Maintain you morning wake up program because it jump-starts your cardiovascular
    system. Your body and metabolism is functioning normally again.
  • You will experience a significant increase in your wellbeing as well as performance
  • Plan on continuing your relaxation exercises, i.e. autogenous training as part of your
    daily routine. If you would like to expand on this, please consult our literature recommendation list.

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