The Third Fasting Day

The metabolism has concluded the conversion to derive nutrition from within today.
Cells are detoxifying, the liver’s fatty pockets are metabolised. Because the detached ailment and toxins circulate in the blood stream today, it is possible that old symptoms re-occur temporarily.  
Purge your intestines and you will feel better again.  
Read up what you can do to overcome a fasting stagnation again. 
Blood cleansing will be addressed today.

Today’s meal plan:

1. fastingday relief day
2. fastingday 1. build up day
3. fastingday 2. build up day
4. fastingday 3. build up day
5. fastingday 4. build up day
6. fastingday  
7. fastingday  
  • Drink 3 cups of Indian rose tea and 200 ml fruit juice diluted with, 200 ml mineral water in the morning . Prepare the tea from 5 tbs for ½ litre boiling water, steep 10 min. max. and strain.
  • Drink 3 cups of blood cleansing tea and suck the juice out of one slice of lemon for lunch . Prepare the tea from 6 tbs for ½ litre boiling water, steep 10 min. and strain.
  • Drink 3 cups of peppermint tea and eat one tbs of honey in the afternoon.
    Prepare the tea from 5 tbs for ½ litre boiling water, steep 10 min. and strain.
  • Drink 3 cups St. Johns wort tea in the evening. Pour ½ litre of boiling water over 3 tbs,
    steep 5 min. and strain.

What else to pay attention to today:

  • Perform your daily wake up program. Take your time for grooming. Greet yourself in the mirror with a smile and do everything calmly and diligently.
  • Enjoy your “meals” and create a little ceremony. Sit at your favourite location,
    comfortably dressed, and light a candle.
  • Support purging your intestines by drinking buttermilk or “Sauerkraut” juice. Or make an appointment with your physician for a colon-hydro-rinse.
  • Document your weight; it will have decreased a little today.  
  • Today you may me physically active, i.e. ride a bicycle or go swimming.
    sauna is still prohibited.
  • You have almost conquered the most difficult phase; you will feel significantly better, starting tomorrow. Award yourself with a small treat, however we don’t mean food.
    A new CD, a theatre ticket, a good book, flowers or whatever else your heart may
  • Indulge in your hobby or whatever else you had planned as a creative activity during
    your fasting cure cycle.
  • Perform your relaxing exercises such as autogenous training.
  • Don’t get spooked if you discover a sticky, furry residue coating your tongue. It is not
    only an unattractive shade, but also causes bad breath.  That is quite normal and it is a sign of cleansing. Seek relief by scrapping the residue off and use a home remedy. Chewing on some dill seed or anise seed or fresh basil leaves will eliminate the odour.
    You may also gargle with elderberry tea. Brush your teeth thoroughly afterwards.

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